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Three Days Grace – Outsider (Album)       US #2  AE
Three Days Grace – The Mountain (Single)   US #1   AE
Three Days Grace – Infra-Red (Single)   US #1   AE
Three Days Grace – Right Left Wrong (Single)   US #1   AE
July Talk – Push + Pull (Single)     CA #4   E
July Talk – Touch (Album)     CA #5   E
July Talk – Picturing Love (Single)   CA #2   E
July Talk – Lola + Joseph (Single)   CA #3   E
July Talk – Beck + Call (Single)   CA #5   E
Harrison Kennedy – This Is From Here (Album)     AE
Midnight Shine – High Road (Album)       E
Midnight Shine – Heart of Gold (Single)   #3   E
Midnight Shine – Velocity (Single)   #1   E
Kristi Lane Sinclair – Fire in Santa Fe (Single)   #1   E
The Trews – Civilianaires (Album)     E (Additional)
The Trews – Vintage Love (Single)   CA #16   E (Additional)
W3apons – Off The Top Of My Heart (Single)   CA #23   E/DE
Terra Lightfoot – New Mistakes (Album)    AE
Alexisonfire – Familiar Drugs (Single)   E (Additional)
Alexisonfire – Complicit (Single)   E (Additional)
The Trews – Cinderella Man (Single)   DE/AE
Polarity – Trilatral (EP)   E
MG Honest – No Regrets (Single)   E/MX/MS
Yung Chapp – Champagne Rain (Single)   E/MX/MS
Logan Staats – She Just Wants A Folk Song (Single)   E
Rebelle – Hide (EP)   E
Kristi Lane Sinclair – The Ability to Judge Distance (Album)   E
Gerry Jack Macks – In The Misty Moonlight (Single)   MS
Scarlett Deva (Star Kush) – In da Couch (Single)   #3   E/MX/MS
Dead Tired – Vol 1 (EP)   AE
Dead Tired – Vol 2 (EP)   AE
Dead Tired – Vol 3 (EP)   AE
Single Mothers – Our Pleasure (Album)   AE
Single Mothers – Army Green / Skylight (EP)   AE
Kiss The Fish – Never Street (Single)   E/MX/MS
Ascot Royals – New Skin (EP)   AE
Jace Martin – Ghost (Single)   E/DE
Relic Kings – Blinded By The Sun (Album)   E/DE
James Wilson – Tidal Wave (Album)   E/DE
Lee Palmer – Horns & Harps (Album)   2nd E
Octan’s Atlas – Octan’s Atlas (EP)   MS
CreeRising – CreeRising (Album)   MS
Ashley LeBlanc – Better With Me (Album)   E/MX/MS
The Stotts – Shine (Single)   E/MX/MS
Leah Belle – Time For Some Country (Album)   MS/AE
Stu Mac – Out Of The Blue (Album)   AE
Jace Martin – Mighty (Album)   AE
Innersha – Know Where Your Heart Is (EP)   AE
Deaf The Animal – Nine (Album)   DE/AE
Vultures Playing Ruckus – Act I (Album)   DE/AE
Rock Alliance – Rock Alliance (Album)   DE/AE
George Rose Big Band – Memories (Album)   AE
Aukland – Rookie (Album)   AE
AK McLeod – You Better Mean It (Album)   DE/AE
I Smell Blood – No Greater, No Equal, No Less (EP)   AE
Bits of Bluegrass – Sometimes I Believe (Album)   AE
Bits of Bluegrass – Seasons in Heaven (Album)   AE
Carlaa – Exposed (EP)   AE
Jumbo Train – Feel Me Breathe (EP)   AE

    E = Engineer
    MX = Mixing Engineer
    MS = Mastering Engineer
    DE = Digital Editing
    AE = Assistant Engineer